Exchange Internet peering traffic with all BFD-IX members. You determine your involvement and peering policy by using BGP attributes.

The service is designed to facilitate the interconnection between all members across Layer 2 access technology/Deligh VPS/Layer 2 Tunnel. It allows multiple carriers to interconnect through a physical port or tunnel and exchange Internet peering traffic – both IPv4 and IPv6. Peering is implemented in a common public VLAN by establishing one BGP session with the BFD-IX Route Servers.


  • Possibility to lower costs using IXP instead of Transit providers
  • Single point of contact, we will manage both the transport between the customer and the IXP, and the IXP port
  • Possibility to lower Latencies and Internet Speeds by using direct connections
  • Interconnection between various members and shared traffic between multiple networks through a single port and BGP session with two Route Servers.
  • Easily scalable service – increase your capacity quickly as you needs grow.
  • Self administration of traffic and peering connections.
  • Increasing value in time – as more members join, more opportunities for peering arise.
  • Exchange traffic with all Members, CDNs and IXPs connected.
  • Doing direct BGP sessions with IXP Members will allow your network to be seen better on the Internet
  • We constantly add more peers/content, while the port fee stays the same.


  • The service is provided on a BFD-IX Primary Port.
  • Each Member has to set a BGP session up with two BFD-IX Route Servers using a IPv4 or/and IPv6 address provided by BFD-IX.
  • Notification of problems, registration and recommendation for resolving them.
  • 24x7x365 service monitoring and support by BFD-IX’s Network Operations Center (NOC).